The V.P. Cronyn Memorial Archives is located on the Huron University College campus at 1349 Western Road, London, Ontario. The Archives can be found directly under the Chapel of St. John the Evangelist in the lowest level of the Administration Wing. Please see here for a map of the Huron Campus.

Please note that parking is regulated by the University and is paid at an hourly rate. It is recommended that visitors download the Honk Mobile app if they have a smart phone, but pay machines are available in the visitor lots.

Visitors entering the building near the Chapel (area 14 on the campus map) should go towards the University Library; directly across from the entrance to the Library is a set of stairs. Going down these stairs will bring you directly to the door to the Archives.

Visitors coming to the Archives from the visitor parking lots are encouraged to enter the building near the Security Office (area 8 on the campus map). Once inside, turn right (away from the security desk) and go out the door that leads to a courtyard area. Go straight ahead to the next set of doors and re-enter the building. Once inside, turn left and follow the long hallway lined with poster-sized photos of faculty and students. The Archives are located at the end of this hallway on the right.

If you have trouble finding your way once you have arrived on campus, please feel free to call 519-645-7956 and the Archivist can arrange to meet and escort you to the Archives.