In 2014 the Diocese of Huron signed a Companion covenant with the Diocese of Amazonia, a new mission diocese in Brazil, around the city of Belem.

“In this Companion Diocese relationship we join hands in the Love of Jesus Christ, to share fully in His mission and ministry. We are companions in the spirit of the early Church, together devoting ourselves ‘to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.’ (Acts 2) We seek to encourage one another, sharing and enriching our faith in Jesus, recognizing and upholding the gifts that each Diocese brings to Christ’s mission. Ours is a relationship of interdependence and shared responsibility, of friendship and mutual support on the Way of Jesus. We expect that each of us will emerge from every step of this companionship journey strengthened and enriched by the other.”

Our Covenant is a five-year covenant to: pray for one another; exchange information about our work in mission; encourage parish partnerships and visits; together uphold the Marks of Mission, especially with respect to the environment; share the Gospel in word and action; and to evaluate our partnership regularly.

The partnership between Amazonia and Huron was extended in 2019 for another five years. 

Committee Contacts:

The Rev'd Stephanie Donaldson, Co-Chair
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The Rev'd Hilton Gomes, Co-Chair
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