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By Rev. Steve Greene

He is risen!!! 

Words that exude the hope we profess each day.

From the wilderness and darkness of Lent to the excitement and glorious exultation of Easter, we give thanks for His resurrection. 

It is a beautiful and prominent reminder that God makes all things new.

It is by this same resurrection power that we are given the opportunity to live free from sin and death and to embrace a life fully ALIVE!!! 

It is by this power and in this season, we dare to boldly walk in His grace that we may live the promise given to us. 

It is His resurrection which guarantees justice will triumph over treason, light will overcome darkness and love, sacrificial and supporting love, will conquer death.

As Christ-followers, we humbly submit in prayer to be the good and faithful neighbor to all those we meet. As Christ-followers, we humbly submit in prayer, a life that not only imitates the life of Jesus, yet also abides in Him, as we reach out to the poor, marginalized, the least, last, lost of us.  It is in prayer and in our lives that we praise You…praise You for changing our lives, our hearts to be the messengers of the Easter joy and hope!!!

Many blessings to you and yours during this Eastertide and may your prayers be filled thanksgiving, openness, transparency and rooted in His presence and power.     Your Servant-in-Christ,


Rev. Steve Greene is an AFP executive and the rector of  St. Luke’s, and St. Thomas The Apostle, Cambridge.