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Two success stories made possible by the efforts of St. James’ Outreach Committee

By Rev. Canon Keith Nethery and Peggy Roffey


It was a simple challenge, accepted on the spot. It occurred at an early June information session in London put on by Indwell. This Christian based, non-profit organization based in Hamilton was on the verge of its first project in the Forest City following successful Housing Projects in Hamilton, Simcoe and Woodstock. Organizers asked for help in finishing the furnishing of 45 one bedroom affordable apartments in the Woodfield Project downtown. The cost was $3500.00 per unit. That challenge was met by a family in attendance, who then turned to Canon Keith Nethery and said, “St. James should do one too.” A quick yes was followed by a little bit of, “Oh what have I done!” No fear was necessary as in three weeks just shy of $7000.00 had been raised by the congregation.

Indwell, which has a second London project in the works at the site of the Old Embassy Hotel, is a somewhat unique concept. They call what they do affordable and supportive communities. With on-site nursing, counselling and social programs, the goal is to restore dignity while providing a home for people at an affordable rate with a community building around them. The members of St. James Westminster plan to make this partnership with Indwell an ongoing relationship.

Out of the Cold gets a warm welcome from St. James

St. James’ Outreach Committee spurred St. James’s response to London’s Out of the Cold program this past harsh winter, raising not just the target of $2,000, but a generous total of $4,000.

Your gift was delivered to little Beth Emanuel Methodist Episcopal Church on Grey street, that opened its doors nightly to people needing a safe warm place to sleep.

St. James’s goal was to raise $2,000 to help Beth Emanuel buy 20 cots so their overnight guests would no longer need to roll out their sleeping bags on the floor.

The additional funds will help Beth Emanuel improve the facilities available for overnight guests, such as a shower and a washer and dryer.

Pastor Dan Morland, and Beth Emanuel’s Food Scientist – Kitchen Manager – Head Volunteer, Lois Gosney report with gladness that a number of their winter guests have now joined Beth Emanuel’s Day Programs, focussed on addiction recovery, faith discovery, and readiness for living in stable housing.