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 By Rev. Steve Greene

FINALLY!!!  Since the last in-person service (March 8, 2020) we have endured many losses, many changes, many challenges and many opportunities to deepen our faith and to build an on-line community.

Odd yet intriguing. For the first several months of COVID, I was still humming along (believing that the first shut down would be short and the only shut down…how foolish!) with my “church duties”. As March quickly turned into May, the old model of church had to be quickly reformed. The image of Mr. and Mrs. X sitting in their favorite spot Sunday morning disappeared and the truth of the cold iPhone SE capturing the richness and beauty of God’s Word read, preached and taught, music echoing through the emptiness of the sanctuary were the only safe ways to connect. That shook me and still does to be honest. As an extrovert, I am fueled by people, their smiles, their nods, their grimaces, their stories of joy and heartbreak. All of these imitate moments I took for granted; they vanished faster than a toupee in a hurricane!

Now, we are entering into a new reality. One where Sunday service will be in-person and online. I am quite excited to be engaged with parishioners who may not live in Cambridge yet will continue to call St. Luke’s or St. Thomas their church family. I am quite excited to return to walking the transept during the sermon and being able to share, converse with the faithful members who have endured the many highs and lows, before, during and after the multiple pandemics of 2020 and 2021.

With the many changes, come many challenges, obstacles and opportunities. Let me be very clear, I suck with technology (ask Trinity, our 13-year-old daughter or even better, Kaleb, our 3-year-old son)! From this new reality, I have had to learn new skills and our church members had to as well…if you ain’t learning, you ain’t living!! New teams had to be created (i.e., tech team/social media) and new ministries to be thought out, formed and implemented to connect with parishioners who may never enter the physical building. An amazing opportunity to be the Church, the diverse and international Bride of Christ.

FINALLY!!! Since our last in-person service, we have endured many losses, many deaths, many changes and challenges, yet as children of God, we are called to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, steadfast in God’s grace, mercy and righteousness amidst the storm. As many of us begin our services (online and in-person), let’s be honest with our growing pains, patient with our brothers and sisters-in Christ and extremely eager to share the Good News in new and exciting ways!!!

Rev. Steve Greene is the rector of St. Luke’s, and St. Thomas The Apostle, Cambridge.