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At the most recent annual meeting, which took place in April 2022 via zoom, a call was made for the formation of a committee to determine what the structure of the A.C.W. (Anglican Church Women) should be as the church moves forward into the future. 

The committee of ten members would be representative of active parish A.C.W. members in the Diocese of Huron and members of the current Diocesan A.C.W. 

The committee members from the parishes were volunteers, the members from the Diocesan A.C.W. were selected by the Diocesan President.

Structure of the Organization

  1. Diocesan Council
  2. Deaneries
  3. Parish Groups

The Diocesan Council purpose is to give the women of the Anglican Church opportunity for members to unite in a fellowship of worship, study and service which will lead them into Christian service in the parish, community, Diocese, nation and the world. Providing members to share faith, fellowship and to learn from one another. 

Parish Groups exist to unite all Anglican women within the parish in the fellowship of worship, learning and sharing, leading them into fuller Christian service by identifying their gifts and abilities as Christians in their communities.

The Future Committee has met via zoom on three occasions. 

One volunteer resigned prior to the first meeting, there have been technical challenges with email providers complicating sharing of communication. An email account has been established for the gathering of information from which the Futures Committee will be using to guide them in discoveries. 

What has been clearly evident during the discussions, is each Parish A.C.W. is unique, with a common demographic challenge of aging members.

The encouragement of younger women to join the A.C.W. is essential for the organization to continue into the future in its current form. 

As Sisters in Christ, we prayerfully request input from you as to your successes and learned experiences within your own A.C.W. groups. 

The mandate for the committee "What the future holds for us and what should we do to prepare for it" is a complex challenge.

Trudy Warren, Policy Chair, A.C.W. Diocesan Council