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By Rev. Mark Wilton

God is present in our lives. I've always known this.

With help from the Holy Spirit constantly prodding and guiding me along I have finally run out of excuses. More than 50 years have passed since I first felt God's call.

Yes, 50 years of excuse making and doubting. The amazing thing that I have found in this journey was God does not take NO for an answer. God definitely does have a plan for us even when we refuse to accept it.

As I progressed through my education, I continually saw roadblocks that I perceived as reasons to believe my call was not real, that it was not genuine. But every time I would reach one, a new path would be revealed, a new doorway would open.

On Trinity Sunday, June 4, the excuse making ended in a feeling that simply just cannot be put to words. God had called me to ordination. Three of my friends and I called to be his servants. To lead and serve God’s people.

During the service of ordination, God’s presence was felt by myself. It grew and I felt it most strongly during the bishop’s examination. It was not said aloud during the service during the “I believe I am so called”, the “I do's”, and the “I wills” in the back of my mind the conversation was with God and the simple “I wills” in my mind were followed by “with your help”. I am certain now of my call and faithful in my answers because in all things on this journey toward ordination were made possible with God’s help.

Give thanks, Give praise.

Be well. Be safe.

God Bless. 

Rev. Mark Wilton is Deacon Assistant to the Territorial Archdeacon of the South.

(Photos: Charlotte Poolton)