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After what seemed like a long time, the Brotherhood of Anglican Churchmen (B.A.C.) members from across the Diocese of Huron met by voice and vision on Saturday, October 23 at 10am.

What all had hoped would be the opportunity to celebrate 70 years of operation and support to parishes, deaneries and the diocese by the men of the diocese, the get-together was instead by voice and vision. In person get-togethers will wait for the health of our communities, our parishes and our diocese to return us to normal.

The get-together over voice and vision (phone and computer) allowed the Association to vote into office President Vic Templar from London, Vice President Jim Rigney from Windsor, 2nd Vice President Wilf Clegg from Waterloo and allow the continuing service of Secretary Francis Richardson from Meaford and Treasurer Dennis Cartier from Blenheim.

The Association welcomed new Deanery Representatives Mike Whitehead from Brant/Norfolk and Perry Wong from Essex. They joined Deanery Representatives Ron Wilton from Oxford and Harry Harris from London. President Sheldon Parsons from the Deanery of Lambton/Kent finally became Past President after the organization was able to meet together - even if only by voice and vision.

The BAC continues to do lots of good things in their communities and together, as an Association, supports the work of the Monica Place in Kitchener/Waterloo, Camp Huron in the County of Huron (our Diocese program for kids) and the Huron College Scholarship Fund in London.

If you are involved in organizations within the Diocese and want to look at becoming a part of the Brotherhood of Anglican Churchmen, give us a call. We'd be happy to speak to you about the advantages.

The Brotherhood of Anglican Churchmen