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In 2020, 18 refugee families (30 individuals) whose sponsorship was submitted by the Huron Refugee Committee have arrived in Canada. Travel restrictions imposed because of COVID-19 prevented many others to get their visas to come to their new home.

The Huron Refugee Committee has been hard at work preparing for its 2021 refugee sponsorships.

In 2020, the Huron Refugee Committee submitted sponsorship applications to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for 137 individuals or 66 families.

Thus far, since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, the arrivals have been those who were “caught at the last minute” with visas issued but no travel arrangements.

We have also welcomed several minors who have joined their families. All the arrivals have gone well with two weeks of quarantine arranged. Guidelines for quarantine have been
followed and we have several more individuals in “the wings.” The total arrivals for 2020 was 18 families or 30 individuals.

Due to a very generous donation from a neighbourhood group, the Diocese has been able to fund the sponsorship of a family of eight, (parents and six children,) who are Syrian refugees in Lebanon. They include two children with medical issues. The Refugee Committee of the parish of St. Michael and All Angels, London, will be welcoming and settling them.

The Committee is very grateful for this opportunity. It is to be hoped that soon after interviews are commenced again, they will be in process. With the support of people across the Diocese of Huron
and our dedicated volunteers, refugee sponsorship remains an active and integral ministry of our Church. Your continued support is greatly appreciated!

Monica Snow and Kyle Gascho, members of the Huron Refugee Committee.

Photo: Saw Moo Family arriving at Windsor Airport in October 2020. Only those who were issued visas before COVID-19 was declared a pandemic managed to come to Canada in 2020.