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Fall is here! My favourite season!

Perhaps summer weather has lingered, giving us warm days and cool nights. Harvest is almost over. No more beans to pick or tomatoes to can. Pumpkins are turning orange, apples, are ripe and thoughts of savory pies whet our palettes.

The frantic activities of school starting have calmed but after-school activities keep families hopping. Those who are retired seem to be busier than ever. No rocking chairs on the porch. No lazy days. Where did those “life of Riley” dreams go?

We in Canada, and in this Diocese in particular, are truly blessed. Fine weather. Excellent farmland everywhere. Fresh fruit and vegetables harvested locally. Jobs for just about everyone. A stimulating, mixed economy. Both high tech and low make for interesting juxtapositions.

How could we be more blessed? While our prosperity feeds ourselves, our generosity feeds those in need. Materially.

Is that kind of food enough? Jesus tells us, “Do not work for the food that perishes, but for the food that endures for eternal life.” Perhaps we are complacent in feeling that our donations are enough; that our volunteer efforts are enough. Are they? If we feed only food and not spiritual hunger, is it enough? Where is God in all this generosity?

Jesus tells us that feeding someone is fine but they will hunger again. We must also feed the spiritual needs of each other. That “food” endures.

Perhaps there is a reason that food banks are always needing more donations. Perhaps there is a reason that those in need are still in need. Where is the Spirit of the Lord in any of this? Only He can fill the true needs of humankind. How do we fulfil both the material needs and the spiritual needs of our fellow man?

We are told to spread the Good News. Do we do that? Even at church, do we really leave on Sunday intending to spread the Good News? How do we incorporate His Message into our daily life? How about at work? How about in our neighborhood? How about at home? Who of your family and friends even know that you are Christian? What are we hiding under that bushel?

Yes, it is a challenge in this secular world to express our faith, to share it, to discuss it, to even introduce the topic. Aren’t we taught that politics and religion are verboten topics around the dinner table, especially when guests are present? Perhaps we can discuss spiritual matters with a few trusted friends from church. Perhaps we must learn to raise the subject of God outside of our comfort zone. Perhaps we must learn to share “the food that endures for eternal life”.

We are called to do so. Take a first step. Feed the hungry.

Bonnie G. Rees, President
ACW Diocesan Council

(Featured photo: Bonnie Kittle/Unsplash)