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Women are in tune with the cycles of life.  Even our bodies are in constant flux over the course of a month.  Major changes occur several times as years go by.  We adapt.

As nurturers, we are there for our family, extended family and friends, through sickness and in health and even in death.  We support, uplift and, when necessary, commiserate.  We care.

We know the value and fragility of life.  What, then, should be our role in preserving life, preserving the environment?  God gave us a world of beauty and wonder but not without death as well as life.  A system in balance … until He created us.

He may have given us “dominion: over his creation, but I doubt that he is happy with our garbage and pollution.  Microplastics in every sea creature.  Toxins accumulating in our bodies.  Mother Nature has been good to us.  It is time that we helped her out.  It is time that we became Earth Mothers.

Women have a great deal of control over the running of their households.  We buy most of the groceries and products.  We bring into our homes the stuff that becomes garbage or recyclables, depending on our choices.  As Earth Mothers, we can choose to buy products in biodegradable or recyclable packaging.  Earth Mothers can set up convenient recycling and reusing processes for their families.  Many municipalities have blue box and green bin programs.  Learn the rules for your municipality on what can go in your blue box.  Make a practice of using your green bin and yard waster bags.  Divert as much as possible from the garbage.  Make a plan to gradually increase the recycling in your home.  Make a list – check it twice – of “do-ables” for your home and yard … and family.  Be practical.  Take small steps.  Whittle away at that list.  Get your family involved.  Talk about what you need to do together.

Consider your duty as a Mother of the Earth.  Each of us must take on a role in preserving our environment.  What can you do?  What are you willing to do?  What can you do at home or at work or at church?  Environmental issues exist in each facet of our lives.  It could be choosing biodegradable coffee filters, cosmetics in recyclable containers or personal hygiene products friendly to the environment.  You had good intentions when you bought that juicer – make use of it.  Eat healthier foods.  Use those recipes you have collected to make things tastier.  We have the tools at hand.  Use them.  Act on those good intentions.  The world needs each of us to be an Earth Mother.  God needs us to be.  Start now.  Practice good environmental stewardship.  We need to do this.  We need to take responsibility.  We need to do what we can to restore paradise … for our children and for our children’s children.

God continues to do his part.  After all, know that beneath the snow and ice, the seeds and roots are dormant but ready to burst forth in Spring.  It is a wonder that things that appear to be frozen solid are still alive; things that seem dead, can be revived.  It’s late but not too late.  God’s plan.  A mystery, maybe, but isn’t it marvelous?  We can be a part of that.  Let’s try.

Bonnie G. Rees, President, ACW Diocesan Council