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Bishop Marinez (centre) welcomed guests from Huron in September 2018.  

The Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil, gathered at its 35th General Synod, held in Belém, Pará, on Sunday, November 13, elected Bishop Marinez Bassotto, diocesan of the Anglican Diocese of the Amazonia, as the new Primate for Brazil.

The Diocese of Amazonia is Huron's companion diocese. They signed a companion covenant in 2014, and extended it in 2019.  

Marinez Bassotto was the first woman to serve as an Anglican bishop in South America, and is now the first woman elected Primate. 

PLANTING A GOOD SEED. Linda Nicholls and Marinez Bassotto: First women bishops in their respective dioceses - now first women primates in North and South America. Bishop Marinez was the special guest at 2019 Synod when she joined her host Bishop Linda Nicholls to plant a purple beech tree in celebration of the renewal of the covenant between Huron and Amazonia.